March 2, 2013

the dawn of new direction 2011

for the 88 Strong group exhibition in October of 2011 the artists were supplied 8" x 8" wood panels to use as canvas.  charcoal seemed as though it would be difficult with the wood.  after a decade break from the medium I decided to revert back to tools I used when I was in high school; Technical pens and alcohol markers. 

88 Strong is a show of 88 artists each creating 8   8" x 8" pieces based off choices of 88 predetermined themes.  I struggled with different ideas but eventually ran with the theme 'tattoo'. 

"tattoo one"                                                    8" x 8"     SOLD

"tattoo two"                                                    8" x 8"     SOLD

"tattoo three"                                                    8" x 8"     SOLD

"tattoo four"                                                    8" x 8"     SOLD

"watchers"                                                    8" x 8"     SOLD

"all you can eat"                                                    8" x 8"     SOLD


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