March 6, 2013

circles, cycles, cells & such - early 2013

a few new pieces

"circles of quanta two (the circle)"                                                                                                         16" x 20" ink on wood

"hydronaut versus the aquatic underground two"   8" x 8" ink on wood SOLD

"prokaryotes flagella"   4" x 6" ink on stone SOLD

"quantum blossom"                                   8" x 8" ink on wood SOLD

"quantum illumination"                                   8" x 8" ink on wood  SOLD

"circles of quanta six (arc light)"                                                                                         17" x 11" ink on wood

a few collaborations with Julia Statzer

"reflection"                                 8" x 8" ink on wood SOLD

"box top design"                                     8" x 8" ink on wood box lid

"tree of life"                                                                                             11" x 8.5" ink on paper, card design

a tattoo design commission

"US war skeletons"                            ink on paper, tattoo sleeve design commission

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