October 14, 2014

halloween and the art of autumn 2014

As summer ends the winter brings with it several group exhibitions that I participate in as well as warming up and preparing for the onslaught of seclusive winter production.

As a child I hated spiders. After curiously observing and watching them for a lifetime an interest grew. The more I learned about spiders the more intrigued I became, and the less they bothered me.

As an animal spirit spiders are a symbol of creativity.

"arthronautical vessel"                                    16"x16" ink and color pencil on wood SOLD

"quantum blossum two" (evolve)                6" x 24" ink and color pencil on wood

"remnant ghosts three"                        48" x 8" ink and color pencil on wood SOLD
detail cropped image of "remnant ghosts three" (above)

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